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Angels Landing; World’s deadliest hike

Zion National Park, Utah #AritaOnTheRoad

Making my way up to Angels Landing I had this great fear of height, I read so many articles and watched all those videos claiming this to be the worlds deadliest hike. 6 deaths have been recorded since the park first opened 100 years ago, and yet still I had to urge to concur it.
Zion is freakin spectacular ,one thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that you could only get around the park by shuttle bus. Most us national parks allow you to drive your own vehicle but not here , the shuttle claims to give you the ultimate “scenic” experience but honestly how much can you really see through the tinny windows :S I was so upset by this because we didn’t really get the chance to explore it much on our own.
We stopped at the trail point of Angels landing and started our hike. The views just get better and better the higher you go, and eventually you forget your fears.
Unfortunately we didn’t make it all the way up because it started getting dark and we had to make our way back down to the bus stop to catch the last shuttle out to the parking lot.
This means I have to go back and finish what I started 😛

















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  1. So amazing! I didn’t hike Angel’s Landing in Zion ( I was too afraid…) But we did hike the narrows and it was amazing! I do really regret not doing it though. One day I’ll be back, and fear will not stop me!


    • Arita Arita

      Oh I didn’t do the Narrows ,I can’t wait to go back

  2. I really love your photography, both this post and your red rock one have me yearning to get out west asap! That second to last picture would be fabulous as a large print… What photo editing software/filters do you use??

    • Arita Arita

      omg Gina thank you it means a lot <3 I hope you get to go west soon , it's really beautiful out there. I use photoshop to edit my content, I make my own PSD coloring filters 🙂 happy to share them <3

  3. Love the photos! I have been dying to get to Utah, and those photos make me even more motivated to go. Such a shame you have to take the shuttle around the park, I hate not being able to do that stuff on my own!

    • Arita Arita

      Hope you go there soon Sara Utah is incredible <3 I was really shocked when we were asked to park and use the shuttle, I've been to 10 natParks and this was the first one to have such rules, very disappointing ..but the fun starts once you get off the bus 😛

  4. I wanted to do Angels Landing so bad but we ran out of time! Did the Narrows instead which was still amazing! Was Angels Landing that tough? Like how good of shape do I need to be in haha

    • Arita Arita

      Omg I wanted to do the Narrows too ,but didn’t have enough time. Angels Landing was pretty brutal. It’s more of a mental workout than it is physical. I just think you have to try and control your breathing very well to not get beat by the panic factor haha 😛 but it doesn’t require any climbing just good balance-1500ft drop otherwise :O

  5. Wow, what a view and what a place! I’m not sure I could make it up there, I’m sooo scared of heights! 😀

    • Arita Arita

      Well if you ever find yourself out there you should try and do it, it is so worth it <3

  6. this looks so scary but also so beautiful! i love the photos!

    • Arita Arita

      yep it certainly was a combination of both 😛

  7. You’re so brave! I’m not sure I could hike that – but it does look stunning!

    • Arita Arita

      Thank you so much <3 the view is breathtaking

  8. We love Utah! We fell in love with the national parks and Utah itself back in July of 2015 when we stopped at Arches National Park during a road trip. We can’t wait to go back and stay for longer to explore. I even think I have talked my husband into buying a vacation home near one of their National Parks.

    • Arita Arita

      Oh I can’t wait to go back and visit Arches too <3 Vacation home in Utah sounds like the perfect investment you can enjoy both summers and winters with spectacular views year round <3

  9. SPECTACULAR photos! Seriously jealous right now! I got to do a bit of hiking in the desert when I visited California and it was definitely other worldly, haha

    Thanks so much for sharing <3

    • Arita Arita

      oh I can only imagine <3 I bet you had a great time

  10. I have been to Zion but didn’t hike any difficult trails. I definitely want to back – it is so beautiful!

    • Arita Arita

      These’s so much to see in Zion , I’m hoping to go back there again myself <3

  11. This hike was such an adrenaline rush for me! My boyfriend was freaking out because he knows i’m clumsy. But I made it to the top and back alive. Walters Wiggles though…that was the hardest part I think hahaha. The incline was no joke!

    • Arita Arita

      Omg double that , me and my bf we both are so clumsy and all the way up we were yelling at each other stayyyy to your left stayyy to your right watchhh your steps hahaha <3 so glad we made it up in one piece ::P

  12. Melissa Melissa

    Looks absolutely gorgeous…I’d love to go one day!

    • Arita Arita

      Thank you so much Melissa <3

  13. I have only hiked in Alaska and Switzerland. You have found another beautiful place to hike

    • Arita Arita

      Omg Candy , I’m thinking to go to Alaska this coming April , please any recommendations ? things I should’t miss ! <3

    • Arita Arita

      thank you so much Belle <3

  14. Oh my gosh AMAZING photos!! What was so difficult and dangerous about the hike if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t know much about it!

    Kirsten –

    • Arita Arita

      Well it’s really steep to begin with and than there’s the 1500ft drop on both sides so you really have to be super cautious and avoid becoming a statistic :S

  15. Wow! This looks like an incredible hike! Would love to go to this part of the world one day – the scenery is just so breath-taking!

    • Arita Arita

      It definitely was a memorable hike <3

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