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Antelope Canyon Bandit

Antelope Canyon, Arizona#AritaOnTheRoad

My feelings put all in one sentence ” Windows XP desktop” 😀 The nerdy side of me just surfaced the minute I laid eyes on the Antelope Canyon, I remember my first computer ever had a screensaver photo of the Antelope and back than I just thought to myself “wow this is such a realistic digital drawing” ,my mind simply couldn’t process this as reality ,and little did the 10 year old Arita know that one day she’ll see this masterpiece.
I feel so thankful for having this scratched off my list, and I bet you the kid in me was too 😀

Have you ever been someplace and that reminded you of something silly from your childhood?
















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  1. Ahahaha, I accidentally skipped to the photos before reading and “Windows XP desktop” was my exact first thought too! Amazing images x

    • Arita Arita

      haha I know so manny people can relate to that 😛

    • Arita Arita

      thank you so much <3 hopefully you go soon <3

    • Arita Arita

      thank you so much doll <3

    • Arita Arita

      yay It’s definitely a must

  2. It is my dream to go to these canyons one day!! EPIC

    • Arita Arita

      hope you’ll go there soon <3

    • Arita Arita

      yep totally agree <3

    • Arita Arita

      omg I’ve been dying to make my way to Colorado <3 hope I get to go there soon <3

    • Arita Arita

      aww thanks a lot Amanda <3

    • Arita Arita

      thank you Bella ,it definitely was a lot of fun

  3. I’m so bummed I didn’t go there when I was driving from Zion to the Grand Canyon. It was right there. 🙁 This is definitely on my list of things to see.

    • Arita Arita

      Same thing happened to me too last year, I was so looking forward to this but the weather was terrible and they had to cancel the tours :s but I did make sure to go back and visit finally <3

  4. I still haven’t gone to Antelope Canyon!! I’m actually considering making this my birthday trip next year! Looks like lots of fun!

    • Arita Arita

      That sounds great Meghan your gonna have so much fun <3

  5. Wow! I too have a picture of this place as my corporate computers background haha! I sometimes catch myself just staring at it.

    • Arita Arita

      it is truly mesmerizing <3

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