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Blue Fishy – San Francisco 2.0

I’m not really sure what the title means LOL ,my sister had logged in and renamed one of my draft posts with this. Anyways these photos were taken in San Francisco during our short little stop there before we hit Highway 1. We’ve been to SF before and we really wanted to focus on seeing a new part of California since we only had a few days.

Hopefully after I’m done visiting all the US states I can come and have myself a proper San Francisco stay 🙂 But for now this will do <3

Came to this park looking for the famous swing that overlooks the bay, only to find out that someone had cut it out 🙁 still the view was pretty awesome!

Those super Instagramable steps were part of my itinerary since last year, so we made sure to stop there this time around and try out a few shots. Again same thing, shattered cars everywhere.
Basically all touristy spots in SF have burglars and hooligans waiting around the corner (or so they say). Fortunately we didn’t come across anything like that but there were official signs everywhere to keep your belongings close.

And last but not least my favorite part of town the Height & Ashbury district, anytime in SF I will for sure come to this area. I’m a hippie at heart and I just love the vibe of this place <3

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