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Category: Postcards

This ‘Postcard’ idea is all about your amazing travels. A community that shares tips, experiences, things to do , picturesque spots of a certain place in the world 🌍

Let’s be friends! Send me a (many) postcard (s) it’s really simple:

  • Be you and you only.
  • 10-15 full resolution pictures , preferably featuring you too ( let’s build a community!)
  • the pictures have to be yours! ( please no stock images from google or any other source )
  • Make sure you include links to all your social media , I want to credit you properly.
  • and last but not least if you have a native language other than English I would love it for you to share it in that version as well! 

Shoot me an e-mail for furthermore details :


*Due to the volume of submissions your ‘Postcard’  may not be shared right away. All submissions go live on first come, first serve basis.