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Central Park for a lovely weekend afternoon

We decided to play tourist in Central Park last weekend ,and boy was it fun 😛 . We were going to a bbq in NJ but we ended up not making it, the traffic was just miserable.
So instead we thought a stroll around CP would be a good way to spend the day 😀

Get yourself a nice smoothie over at Juice Generation (I got Kale Colada on a Coconut) ;Starting from the west side on 72st make your way to the Strawberry Fields and listen to some John Lennon tunes by the “Imagine” mosaic (take photos there 😛 )
Then walk towards the lake and enjoy some people watching while sipping on your drink. I love sitting by the Bow Bridge and watch all the wedding photoshoots, it’s so joyful and fun, and it reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl.

After that head over to the Boathouse and rent a little boat to catch the sunset ($15 an hour).
Right on time for dinner you can grab a bite with a view and wrap up the day.
I went for a casual look ,pretty much all the pieces I wore are from Forever 21. The slip-ons are my favorite , so manny people stopped me asking where I got them, they look really expensive and chic 😛 good steal for less then $30.
The shirt I just had to have it ; I mean Ladybugs DUH <3

I wanna hear your thought’s 😀 what’s the perfect afternoon in your city ?


  1. Oh I’m so bookmarking this!

    Love the thought of getting on a boat to catch the sunset ♡ lovely! And gorgeous photos . I love your pink coat ♡

    • Aw thats sooooo kind of you babe, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this post <3 xoxo

    • THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING omg what a dream <3 why didn't I have such a brilliant idea when I got married 😛

  2. Now this is awesome and I love that trench coat.

    • Thanks babe , the trench is really light and breathable , perfect for this transitional weather 😛

    • aww thanks a lot babe ,the coat is really airy and matches pretty much everything 😛

  3. Love your blush jacket and those fun shoes!

    • Thanks darling ,I’ve been obsessing with this outfit all week ,I can’t seem to wear anything else 😛

  4. I need to go back to New York, and possibly buy a pink trench coat!

    • Haha you’re to cute , definitely come back and you can borrow my pink coat LOL

  5. Hi girl, I really like the photos you’re posting – and your ladybug shirt of course 😉 The pictures make me wanna fly to New York and wander through Central Park! Love, Nat

    • Aw thats so sweet thanks love, do come to NYC I’d be happy to wander with you through CP <3 xoxo

  6. Bailey Bailey

    Such an adorable coat! You look fantastic. Really inspired my style.

    • Aw thanks a lot darling <3

  7. I went to New York so many times and actually had no urge to visit Central Park. Now I see what I have missed.

    • OMG are you serious , CP is just magical you gotta come back just for it 😛

    • thanks lovely it was indeed perfect <3

    • Aw thanks babe we should meet up for coffee sometime <3

  8. That looks like fun! Lovely pics and love the pink jacket. 🙂

    • Thanks love ,It surely was pretty nice 😀

  9. Daneisha Smith Daneisha Smith

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time!

    • Thanks babe it was awesome <3

  10. My favorite part of this is the “Imagine” mosaic….for me, that alone would make the trip (I still remember the day we lost him like it was yesterday!)

    From a fellow traveler, great post, and a great site:)

    • It is quite emotional walking down that side , RIP the legend <3

  11. So cute!! You look like you had fun! I really like your outfit too, the pink jacket 🙂

    • aww thanks babe ,I’m happy to hear that <3

  12. Looks like you had a blast at Central Park. I’ve never been but it is on my bucket list. I love your jacket. Thanks for sharing

    • Oh Central Park is a NYC must <3 hope you come visit soon <3 xoxo

  13. Lucky you to spend an afternoon like this! I dream of heading to Central Park one day. And aaaaaaahhhh I love your sunglasses and coat! Dreamy. A perfect afternoon in our city is to stroll along the boardwalk, check out the new flavors at Moo-Lixs Icecream shop and then finish up dining overlooking the lake.

    • Yummm you got me at Ice Cream 😛 I would love to spent an afternoon there 😀 xoxo

  14. Brought back memories from my visit five years ago. Man! Time has flown and how.

    • Aww that’s nice , hope you can make your way back again <3

  15. I was just there! love New York!

  16. That pastel pink coat is lovely with your denim shorts, and it’s a very fun printed tee! 🙂

    Sounds and looks like a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon! 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Aw thanks for the kind words, have a lovely weekend too <3

  17. These photos are amazing, and it definitely looks like you had an incredible time. I love Manhattan, having grown up just an hour outside the city, Reminds me of “home”!

    • Aww that’s so nice , The city is really lively during the summer <3

      • Yep it is a true central park classic 😀

    • Aw it’s my favorite too <3

  18. Looks so fun! Love the pink jacket!!l

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