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Cheap Thrills

Coney Island, New York City #AritaOnTheRoad

In a gloomy day like this there’s not much to do around the city, when all you want is to just sit home watch a good movie and relax. Since Coney Island is a 15min drive away from me we decided to go for a walk by the beach and take some photos before it started to pour. I like this area, it’s so lively and colorful an instant mood booster if you ask me. I’m not a particular fan of the rides tho ,I panic easily so I just go there for the fun stuff on the ground level (Ice Cream anyone?) 😛 .

What do you think of my new “on Film” obsession, I just can’t help it I love how the pictures look 😀 😀 any thoughts ? Leave a comment xoxo

















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