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Gilded Age ; Lost Files

Newport, Rhode Island #AritaOnTheRoad

Hey there, hope fall is treating you well, here in New York it’s still pretty hot, so I’m definitely enjoying these last days of summer 😀 .
I took these photos back in May when we did our North Atlantic coast trip ,and man.. it feels like ages ago. Just writing this made me realize how much we traveled this summer and I gotta tell you it was a hell of a summer \m/ .

Lost files are my favorite ,coz I get to really make an informed post without having the excitement effect take over the reality.
Rhode Island was charming, we only had 2 days there so we tried to squeeze in as much activities as possible. As I prepped my itinerary mansions just kept popping up on my search feed so I got really intrigued to explore the American royalty estates.
We started off with the Elms(find pics here) a 1901 summer “cottage” designed by Horace Trumbauer for the family of the coal baron Edward Julius Berwind . I mean really a summer cottage this guy really misinterpreted the concept 😛 The mansion design was inspired by Château d’Asnières in Asnières-sur-Seine, France , honestly I wouldn’t mind spending my summers here thanks for asking 😛
Next stop was the legendary Breakers , summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II built in 1893, seriously Again ..gosh these guys are killing me, the properly has 70-rooms, and the mansion has a gross area of 125,339 square feet and 62,482 square feet of living area on five floors; That’s just crazzzzzzzyyy .
Now imagine It took us about 3 hours to actually see every room let alone the huge ocean view gardens. The grandness of this place is something I really can’t wrap my head around.
The pictures below don’t do it justice, it’s one of those thing you gotta see to believe.

After we had our minds blown by Newport’s mega mansions we headed downtown to cool off and touch base with reality .
Thames Street;The center of all the action in Newport ,you’ve got all your shops and bars lined up, then there’s the famous Cliff Walk you can take (spectacular by the way), and of course, an unforgettable dinner with the view of our beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

















  1. Wow this is an amazing place, Arita. Mesmerizing! I have to put it down on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

    • ahh that’s so nice of you <3 i'm glad you liked it <3

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