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Haystack Rock, Oregon #AritaOnTheRoad

Cannon beach was a dream, the Pacific coast is truly breathtaking and I feel so blessed for being able to witness this. Love at first sight I would call it(dating since Oct.2015 😛 ), from the first time I laid eyes on the great ocean I knew I was gonna come back for more.

If you get the chance to visit the West coast, I highly recommend you go see the Haystack Rock, it is pretty far up North but it is definitely worth it. Mark my words, I know you’ll thank me one day 😀

Lets be adventurers

How to start traveling ?

A student or a full time 40h a week worker has approximately 125 days off. That’s 4+ months of travel time.
Think of it like this you have 52 weeks in a year,2 days off each week, 14 days vacation time, and holiday days off about 7 days give or take equals to 125. Now that you know this, how wisely are you using your time? This is a lot of time..! People have traveled the world in less than that and you can too 😀

Life is full of possibilities

Start by taking day trips, you don’t always have to take a plane in order to travel. This is a great way to explore areas near you and it’s much cheaper cost wise.

After you made it into a successful daytriper extend your travels into weekends away.

Use your vacation days for long distance trips only, pick your location and work towards it year long but don’t restrain yourself of possible travel time just because you get those 2 weeks off.

There’s always long weekends and holidays so be prepared to plan for this stuff too ( yeah lots of planing)

Stay persistent and never stop exploring 😀














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