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If you’re going to San Francisco…

San Francisco, California #AritaOnTheRoad


You know you wanna listen to this 😛

I headed to San Francisco with the hippie mindset and I found what I was looking for ;kindness, joy and the feeling of freedom .
We were definitely on a time crunch over here ,we had to make it to Reno,NV in two days to catch a flight back to New York ..It was a tight call but we managed. So if you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, here’s how you can see the soul of San Francisco in 48 hours 😀

Day One

First start with the touristy stuff so that you can get it out of your system.
* Golden Gate Bride
*Painted Ladies
*Fisherman’s Wrath
*Alcatraz Island (AWESOME)
*Lombard St

These points are sort of the most popular attractions around the city and you can see most of them in a day since they’re pretty close to one another. It is fun ,it certainly is but(here comes the big but) it’s not safe and it’s overly crowded ,living in NYC for the past five years you sort of develop this hate towards touristy places, you’re constantly on the lookout for the next IT spot that tourist haven’t discovered yet, you hate Times Sq more than the subway rats and you always seek for a piece of mind outside the jungle.
In SF you have to be mindful of your belongings ,we drove everywhere and all these stops that we made felt so dangerous; there’s shattered cars in every corner, it’s sort of a thing and locals seemed used to it. I remember parking by the Golden Gate lookout and there were 5 parked cars all of them broken into. Now imagine how hard it felt to enjoy all this while you’re scared AF that you’ll find yourself robbed in a foreign city.
I know how important it feels to see all the highlights but please BE MINDFUL ,and CAUTIOUS when you do!

Day Two

Now that you lived on the edge for the past 24 hours it’s time to ease your mind and explore rather than being a tourist .
I was really curious to visit Ashbury and Height district,The neighborhood is known for its history of being the origin of hippie counterculture. I had a blast, walking through the streets among these people who seemed to be stuck in the 70’s, where nothing had evolved and I felt like I had traveled through time. If you were to follow my advice I’d say go here and you will find the true meaning of all the songs you’ve heard about the city by the bay.

It’s fun to get out of your comfort zone once in a while, challenge is the best way of self discovery.

If you think adventure is dangerous,try routine. It’s Lethal -Paulo Coelho

Till the next one 😀

Love Vermilia











































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