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Postcard from: Lake Louise, Canada

Cat Kittlitz here of A Lady and her Luggage! 🇨🇦 This post is written about a place that is special to me, right near my home.

Lake Louise in Banff National Park is an iconic location in Canada, and it’s the perfect place to celebrate my country’s 150th birthday, which just so happens to be tomorrow (July 1st)!Lake Louise is beautiful in any season; I even have a winter post here ‘Lake Louise’, if you’re curious.

I hope this post from my trip in September of last year inspires you to make the journey to the emerald lake yourself.
Let me know what you think!


Believe it or not, out of all the times I’ve been to Banff and even the many times venturing up to Moraine Lake, I have not stopped at the actual Lake Louise.

So for the first time this fall, I did that. Finding a place to park was not easy, and walking to the lake I was weary of the busloads of tourists walking towards and away from the spot, but as soon as I caught a glimpse of the lake, I realized it was worth it.

postcard from lake louise

The flat brilliantly blue lake was magnificent. Even with all the people, you could still manage to find a piece of shoreline all to yourself, with different views from every stop.

lake louise

The Chateau was fenced off just for guests but peeking through the gate it looked like a lovely place to stay.
Though my sister and I didn’t stay long (we had other places to stop on our road trip), we got to wander and take it all in.

Julianna at Lake Louise

It was a cool fall day, and the clouds and the light mist added a wonderful mood to the area. Before we left, the crowds did die down, they seem to come in waves. The rain started to pick up so we bid adieu to this mountain paradise.
As we got back to my car, I was sure happy I had my blanket scarf, vest, and sweater to keep me warm! These shoes were perfect and comfortable for taking a light mountain stroll (P.S. they are almost half price right now!).

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  1. Always wanted to explore Canada and Banff. Looks like a scenic place to visit and discover.
    Hope you have a great day celebrating Canada tomorrow!

    • Vanessa thank you for your kind words, I also hope to explore Canada one day soon <3

  2. Sheena Lastoskie Sheena Lastoskie

    Your pictures are gorgeous. I would love to travel to Canada someday and im going to make myself a note on the places you have been!

    • aww that’s so sweet thank you darling thank you <3 Canada is on top of my list also:D

  3. Lately I’ve been on a see more lakes kick. Gotta add Lake Louise to the bucketlist now!

    • ah that must have been awesome. I’m sure adding lake louise to your list won’t be a disappointment 😛

    • Lake Louise is amazing! If you’re in the area, visit Emerald Lake too, it’s more secluded!

    • THanks love ,same here hope I get to to Canada soon myself 😀

  4. Hi!
    Great pictures, it looks truly amazing! Canada has always been on my bucket list and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will go next summer!

    • me too 😛 we should go together xx

    • Thank you! Canada should be on your list! Hope you make it there.

  5. andrea andrea

    this just inspired my wanderlust to go to Canada! agh thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you darling I’m glad to hear that 😀

  6. Lake Louise is just GORRRRRRRRRRGEOUS! I especially love that featured photo you have.

    TBH I’m so sheltered. I had no idea how beautiful Canada can be. I’ll certainly have to visit it during the summertime.

    BTW this was the perfect time to publish this post! haha, good ole’ Canada day today!

    • Right perfect timing indeed. Thanks for your kind words and happy Canada day to you love <3

    • Thank you! It’s one of my favourite pictures Ive ever taken. Fall is also beautiful, especially on the East coast. Winter in the Rockies or Whistler is highly recommended if you bundle up!

  7. Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 You guys have the prettiest flag…the lake is stunning, I hope to visit someday..maybe I missed it in the post but what province is this in?

    • This was a guest post from a Canadian friend, I’m not sure what province it is I know that Banff National Park is in Alberta and I too hope to visit one day <3

    • Thank you! This was in Alberta as Arita said. The Rockies are shared between there and British Columbia, both you must visit!

  8. Kim Kim

    Would love to visit Lake Louise one day! It’s so stunning, I love how vast it is and like you mentioned how many different viewpoints of the lake there are so you can get the perfect picture even if it’s crowded.

    • Exactly ,Lake Louise is a photographers dream for sure <3

  9. These “postcards” are so cool, so many great places in them. The lake looks beautiful. I haven’t seen much of Canada – only cities basically – but would like to visit more of the landscape at some point.

    • That makes two of us ! Thanks for reading , I hope you enjoy the ‘Postcards’ section xx

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