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Lone Pine

Alabama Hills is what a photographers dreams are made off; this place is magic, the desert and the rock formations followed by the epic backdrop of the Eastern Sierra Nevada just Spectacular.
Because we went in January getting here was quite the detour since the initial plan was traveling down south from Yosemite but due to weather conditions the park was closed so we ended up driving down Highway 1( which is amazing btw, done it twice, it never gets old).

I have so many sets of photos to work on it’s not even funny, idk lately I’ve just lost my mojo and I can’t get my ass to sit and finish what I started. Hopefully it’s just a weather bug and I’ll be out of this spell when the sun comes out.,until then I’m gonna leave you with these and enjoy.


  1. Your photos are beyond beautiful! Love from GLT <3

    • Arita Arita

      Loveeeee thannk you <3

  2. Looks like a beautiful place and your pictures are amazing!


    • Arita Arita

      Thank you so much Cameron <3

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