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First blog ever!

Hi everyone
I finally decided to open my blog . The idea was on and off for so long i can’t even remember , but yes it’s done and we’re live now .
I’m a 22 year old Albanian girl living in New York for almost 3 years , it’s been a quite interesting experience , I’m enjoying it .I’ve always been passionate about arts in general and together with a bunch of other people we run another site called Frantices , which is mostly based on photography and other related goodies , on this site I’m trying to turn my focus on another field of art . Being able to live in New York my life takes me to new paths and new experiences that I would like to share with you guys.
I’m not gonna isolate the point of view regarding this site and call it a fashion/style blog cause its definitely so much more than that , I’m gonna try to walk you through a little bit in my daily life .
Why Vermilia ? This was my nickname since forever , i literately came up with it when i was in high school , its sort of a combination of things I love and things that represent me , that’s all !
It’s gonna be fun , stay tuned !

love vermilia


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