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Red Rock Nevada

Red Rock,Nevada #AritaOnTheRoad

This trip marks my second time to Las Vegas ,..and yes it’s fun but theres only so much Vegas you can handle, and you will eventually wanna get out of the strip. That’s where Red Rock comes in hand, 20 minute drive from the strip you’ll find yourself in this beautiful State park away from all the crazy.
I loved it here , the landscape is just mesmerizing ! Prepare yourself a picnic box or go visit the small ghost town inside the park ,you’ll thank me later πŸ˜€




















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    • Arita Arita

      you’re gonna have a blast if you do <3

  1. I visited Nevada before but never been to Red Rock. Looks like you had the absolute fun. I feel like I am with you by just looking at the pictures. Your vibrant personality is showing. Xoxo

    • Arita Arita

      omgg thanks a million this means a lot <3

  2. I really enjoyed your blog about red rock Nevada. I live in Phoenix so I will be headed out that way to have that experience myself! Blessings

    • Arita Arita

      Heyyy Pamela , you should definitely give it a shot it is soooo worth it <3

  3. To be honest, I have never been attracted to Las Vegas but this place only 20 min away looks just amazing! I would definitely would like to go there!xx

    • Arita Arita

      It is soooo worth checking <3

  4. I have been to Las Vegas 3 times but have never been to red rock Canyon. These photos look cool though and I didn’t know it was so close! I will have to add it to my list for next time.

    • Arita Arita

      oh totally ,It’s really beautiful out there these photos don’t do it justice

    • Arita Arita

      Glad we can agree on that , knowing that Vegas has so much more to offer <3

  5. Looks beautiful! Nice to know there is a natural escape from Vegas!

    • Arita Arita

      yaaas I was so happy discovering myself

  6. I think I would enjoy going off the course and finding this amazing treasure better then just being on the strip. I see this as being much more memorable for me. Maybe I’m getting old but for me this is the Vegas I would enjoy lol

    • Arita Arita

      Oh I hear you on that one ,and I totally feel the same ..there’s only so much Vegas one can handle πŸ˜› and this is definitely the part to look forward to rather than the strip <3

    • Arita Arita

      thank you darling ,it was so much fun <3

  7. Love your photos first of all! Love the way you captured the essence of the State Park. Seems like a good time, and gotta put Las Vegas on the list to visit now. Maybe even a photoshoot haha, the photographer in me. Loved it, enjoyed reading your post! Cheers,

    Amanda from

    • Arita Arita

      Goshhhh thank Amanda , and you should totally go there the photographer in you will thank you forever πŸ˜›

  8. Your pictures are really beautiful! I love the raw, vintage feel to them! I have not been to Las Vegas or Red Rocks, gonna have to check it out! What camera do you shoot with?

    • Arita Arita

      thank youuu dollie ,I really hope you visit Vegas there’s so much to explore there It’s unbelievable. It depends ,I have a few cameras and I tend to switch lenses depending on the location , this particular set we shot with Nikon D7200 and we used nikon 17-55/2.8 lens πŸ˜€

  9. Love your pictures! And the overall vintage feel of your blog is awesome. Definitely will consider the Red Rocks if I go to Nevada

    • Arita Arita

      thank you soo much my hubby takes the photos and he’s all smiles right now from all the compliments <3

  10. The landscape is stunning! Sometimes people forget how many beautiful corners there are in the USA!

    • Arita Arita

      my point exactly USA is so vast and full of undiscovered magic <3

  11. Jessica Jessica

    Great photos! Makes me want to do more in Nevada than just Vegas haha

    • Arita Arita

      thanks a lot love , there’s definitely much more to explore than just the strip

  12. This is great! I always thought there wasnt much to VVeas other than the strip. Nice to know that theres something else close by

    • Arita Arita

      hey I’m glad I can help ,hope you check it out yourself sometime <3

  13. Gorgeous photos! I particularly love the one of you sitting with your back towards the camera.. I can just imagine relaxing there and taking in the surroundings in solitude. You’re right – the ideal place for a picnic! For me, this would definitely be preferable to Las Vegas. πŸ™‚

    • Arita Arita

      Aww thank you soo much doll ,it’s definitely a great alternative from the party town

  14. We loved Red Rock, and it is such a short trip from the strip! We will have to go back the next time we are there!

    • Arita Arita

      yaayyyy Red Rock for the wiiiiiinnnnn <3

  15. Wow! Really looks like a Wild West parallel universe. I’ll have to add that to my list when I get to Vegas!

    • Arita Arita

      G thanks doll <3 It definitely felt like that πŸ˜€

  16. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos! I’m guilty of thinking “Vegas” whenever the word Nevada comes up, yet, obviously there is a lot more to the state, as your pictures attest to.
    May just have to plan a trip!

    • Arita Arita

      I know right ,not that Vegas is horrible but it just feels too touristy and not as charming as it used to be before.

  17. The photos are beautiful. I wanted to go there when we were in Las Vegas 3 years ago but didn’t get a chance to. I hope we can visit it soon.

    One Awesome Momma

    • Arita Arita

      Ah bummer πŸ™ definitely do it next time your headed that way

    • Arita Arita

      Much appreciated doll <3 the wild west is magic

  18. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to visit there.

    • Arita Arita

      that’s so kind Olivia thank you so much<3 <3 <3

  19. Wow such a quick trip from Vegas, will have to go my next trip there πŸ™‚

    • Arita Arita

      Totally worth it ,nice quick escape form the party town <3

  20. I had never heard of this place but now it’s definitely on my bucket list! What a great escape from Las Vegas for a bit!

    • Arita Arita

      It is truly amazing you should sooo check it out sometime <3

  21. Amazing photos lady! Also, LOVE your shirt and am uber jealous of your beautiful Elsa braid. That looks like such a fun Old West vacation πŸ™‚

    • Arita Arita

      Elsa brain lol lovee that πŸ˜› , thank you so much girl <3

  22. Lynn Lynn

    It looks absolutely peaceful and beautiful. From what I see, I don’t think it would ever look crowded! Kudos to you for a great adventure find πŸ™‚

    • Arita Arita

      That is true , you get to enjoy this spectacle all to yourself πŸ˜€

  23. Sky Sky

    Stunning photos! I would love to visit the ghost town!

    • Arita Arita

      thank you dear , the ghost town is so cool straight out of a movie scene <3

    • Arita Arita

      Totally should ,it was really pretty <3

  24. I can’t believe this is only 20 minutes from the strip! It’s so beautiful!

    • Arita Arita

      I know right , I couldn’t believe it myself <3

  25. Pictures are awesome and love the look you have for travelling around. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    • Arita Arita

      Thank you Heather <3 we surely did

  26. I’ve been there many moons ago, when I first visited the USA with my parents. And now it’s on my travel bucket list once more after seeing your pictures!

    • Arita Arita

      aww that’s great to hear, thank you so much <3

    • Arita Arita

      Thank you so much for your kind words πŸ˜€ I’m glad to hear you liked it <3

  27. Lovely photos, it truly looks like you had a wonderful time! My husband has visited Vegas before, and one of his main goals is to go back with me. I will definitely have to keep this little spot of magic on the radar! Thanks for sharing <3

  28. Crystal Marie Crystal Marie

    Great pictures of the Red Rock!

  29. What a fun time! Love your photos!

  30. These are really some of the best scenic landscapes I’ve seen in a while!!! Loved this! πŸ™‚

  31. OH my god, this ghost town is ADORABLE! I’m in love with all of your pictures. Every time you hear about Vegas, it’s all about the casinos, hotels, and getting drunk. Who knew there was such a beautiful place so close to the craziness! I’ve never visited Vegas, but if I ever make it out there, I want to check this place out for sure!

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