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Road to Paradise

Mount Rainier, Washington #AritaOnTheRoad

Life can be as exiting as you wanna make it πŸ˜€ .
Pack up your bags and hit the road that’s all it takes,the rest comes together as you go ..this is the motto I try to live by, and so far it hasn’t disappointed me yet .

Time is key, you better use it wisely ;Tomorrow will never be perfect..all you have is Today πŸ˜€

*Start by picking your location ,it is very important to know where you’re going; Defining where you want to go sets a goal to work toward.

*Decide on the length of your trip, based on this you can prepare yourself for the financial part of your travels.Try not to go overboard with your budget (unless you’re a millionaire), keep it simple and just try to have fun πŸ˜€

*Start saving money NOW, you don’t need a lot just enough to get a plane ticket everything else is just plain luxury, coz you don’t necessarily need to stay in a 5 star hotel you wanna travel not be a tourist right?

*Focus and stay inspired. Always feed your desire to travel,take notes make a wishlist and stay on top of it’s never gonna happen if you don’t commit to it. When you say you don’t have the time to travel, maybe it’s because you haven’t made it a priority.

Useful hint >> read Paulo Coelho if the Alchemist doesn’t make you wanna travel I don’t know what will πŸ˜›































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