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West Village, New York City #AritaOnTheRoad

Serendipity: Finding something good without looking for it.

I can’t even think, I’m nervous, excited, overwhelmed, scared and a million of other things; I feel like I should write something meaningful and inspiring but my mind keeps bouncing to the thought of my family coming to the states. I mean really would you be able to think straight after finally being able to see your loved ones after more than 5 years? Yeah I didn’t think so either 😛
Well out of all the things that I’m feeling, I feel grateful the most. Good things do take time, and you really can’t rush them; eventually everything will fall into place the universe has plans for all of us.
Wish it big enough and it will happen for you too. 😀












  1. So beautiful pictures my dear! I love the poloshirt <3 and where did you but these mules? I love the color!

    Xx, Fanny


    • vermilia vermilia

      thanks doll, I got them from Loeil <3

  2. That’s so exciting that you get to see them all soon! And I second Fanny, those mule are adorable 💕

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