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The Met Museum, New York City #AritaOnTheRoad

Free afternoons are not something easily to be found in New York especially on a busy Friday when everyone is just rushing to go home , get ready and go out again.
From the Egyptian treasures to the spectacular New American Wing , the MET Museum is the place to go if you’re a time traveler like myself.

Lately I’ve been having a hard time creating meaningful content,I promised my self to not be the typical ootd blogger coz that’s so lame. But sometimes I feel that I’ve become that , I mean yea most people who actually visit my blog are here to just see what I’m wearing and that’s also one of the reasons I no longer list the brands of clothes on my posts anymore .
I want people to be here coz the want to be here, anyone can dress up pretty and take photos,but what really maters it the story . I mean when you look at those pictures in a few years don’t you wanna remember why you went to a certain place or wore that pair of shoes,the feeling is what maters and if I can pass the slightest beam of inspiration to one single person that is enough for me.
Whoooaa Arita where did all this come from ?
I guess museums posses that kind power to make you feel really small but yet capable of aiming for greatness.
Be good,Do good and the good will come to you 🙂

Love vermilia









  1. Walter Walter

    Gorgeous darling that was so deep Barbara

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