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Summer Skincare Essentials

The summer heat is starting to become unbearable in The City. Finding fun stuff to do without the risk of evaporating has started to become quite the challenge😓.
So in a hot day like this I decided to take my sister to Central Park and hopefully cool off under the trees 🙂

The park is the perfect place for an impromptu picnic and people watching while sipping on ice coffee. And thats exactly what we did, we got ourselves the traditional Nathan’s Famous hot dog, some fresh cherries and set up “camp” by the Bethesda Terrace.

Le Pain Quotidian is right across Bow Bridge so you can please your midday avocado toast cravings there with a view of Sheep’s Meadow.

90F weather can be rough on the skin, and with the pregnancy my skin has become even more sensitive than before. I needed something natural and sustainable to help me keep my skin looking fresh and clean.

Shelby Naturals is a Canadian skincare line specialising in all active natural ingredients with no fillers, or toxic materials.
Shelby puts a lot of time into creating products that won’t harm or irritate the skin in any way, thats why I fell in love with her line.
She was kind enough to sponsor this post and let me test out the Daily Essentials Set together with Day+Night Cream.
I’ve tried different cleansers this summer but the Oil Cleanser takes out my makeup like no other, and it leaves my skin extra soft.I had a few pesky pimples on my forehead, Shelby to the rescue xx.
The Cream is probably one of my favourites in a long time, it is soft, and it gives you an instant boost of radiance 😝

Hope you decide to give this line a try your skin will thank you ❤️



  1. your photos looks amazing

    • thanks a lot dear 🙂

  2. Awesome tips for summer but I got stuck at that avocado on toast. What a lovely lunch despite the heat.

    • Rightttt 😛 nothing says summer better than a good ol’ avocado toast :p

  3. I love natural products and this seems to fit the bill! I’ll have to check out the website for them.

    • Totally do, I’m sure you will love the line just as much as I do 😀

  4. I had not heard of this brand but will definitely have to check them out. I am always looking for great new products to try.
    Xx, Nailil

    • It is pretty awesome and totally worth giving it a try <3

    • aw that’s sweet thanks love, I got them done at the salon it’s a gel color I don’t know the name 🙁

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