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There’s this little place in south Europe called Kosovo , the city of Peje noted for the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans , and that’s where I’m from…
Growing up , those mountains were my favorite place in the world. Montenegro was always our family’s summer destination, and weekend getaways in Macedonia were the escape to look forward too.

Soon I realised my fascination with nature had a strong bond with exploring different cultures , and that’s when I decided it was time for a bigger adventure!
I moved to New York City when I just turned 20, little did I know that this was going to be my new home. I launched my blog in 2014 intending it to be my daily fashion diary, but eventually shifted into a travel oriented one.

    Why is that ? You don’t like fashion anymore ? 

Of course I like fashion, I always will enjoy my runway walks around the house, and feel inspired every time my Vogue subscription hits the mail box. I simply couldn’t keep it consistent enough to make blogging worth while and every time I posted it turned out to be a destination blog rather than a fashion one.

To put it this way life is so much more than just a pretty pair of shoes.

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