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The Neon Museum

This incredibly unusual place is located Downtown Las Vegas, and it’s one the coolest museums I’ve been to.
The Neon Museum features signs from old casinos and displays many of these old signs in their “boneyard”.

It is remarkable to know that this place runs from donations and the profits are used to restore and preserve these signs for the public to enjoy.
They offer tours at day and night, and a few of the signs light up so it’s quite a pretty sight. The tour will give you a whole different prospective of Las Vegas once you’re done;
There’s simply so much culture and history that seems to have faded away because of the whole strip scene.
Did you know that the great depression didn’t affect LV!!,and it also was an atomic bomb testing zone in the 1950’s :O
Yeaaa this was one of those experiences that you simply have to see for yourself, and I recommend it to anyone who’s tired of only going to the strip when in Vegas.



  1. I tried to go here last time and they were sold out 🙁 I still want to go!

    • Arita Arita

      Ahh bummer I do remember booking ahead, do try next time for sure worth the visit <3

  2. I loved learning about this museum. I am a huge fan of history and architecture, so this museum is going on my list of places to visit. Cheers!

    • Arita Arita

      That’s so nice to hear <3 thank you for your kind words

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