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Travel Tip Tuesday : Your top 21

Los Angels,Califorina #AritaOnTheRoad

Thanks again to everyone who participated <3 my list just keeps getting bigger and I couldn’t be more thrilled to apply all your amazing tips into my upcoming travels πŸ˜€

Photos taken during my recent trip to California πŸ˜€


*ciaoecolifestyleΒ Connect with locals β™‘β™‘β™‘

* agirlandherpassportSometimes the best plan is no plan!

* rosiecultureAh that reminds me of the tip to go with the flow, it’s not worth getting upset over your trip not going the way you planned!

* rebeccahelen12OMG this place!!! Just the scale alone is insane. Absolutely beautiful shot! And my best travel tip πŸ€” probably to do laundry haha. I am guilty of over packing but it helps to do laundry and then I can bring more, say, camera gear 😝

* findyourhappyplateHmmm travel do whatever you can go travel as much as you can

* betterbymichelleGoing with the flow is the best.

* thelifeofasolivagantDon’t let a bump in the road during travels derail your whole trip. Let it go and keep on trucking. Misadventures happen, but what’s adventure without risk.

* angelasargeantGreat tip! I mostly don’t plan other than a few ‘must see’ sites. The rest of the time I go with the flow and explore.

* kokostilettoBeautiful photo! My tip is = Always bring a yoga mat πŸ™‚ and never be scared to try anything, and listen to your intuition πŸ™‚

* thewadingwade Nice! Love that advice. Mine is to force yourself to talk to someone new even if you feel shy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

* tessamariejewellery Carry baby wipes everywhere. They clean almost anything and make for a great bird bath if needed

* sunnycoastlines Go with the flow bc you’re plans inevitable will change!

* megalexander_lushlifeblog Hmmm best travel tips…. I love all inclusives because you know how much you’re paying upfront and well unlimited drinks!

* muses travel tip: experience everything. don’t sleep! πŸ™‚

* charlenemaugeri Aww what a fun collaboration. My tip would be to pack as light as possible and be flexible.
* so_theadventurebegins My tips would be: Eat locally in new places, and alwaaaays research food NOT just activities. Food can make or break a trip in my opinion! Eating as locals do will always be cheaper, avoid anywhere that serves a bit of everything, i.e. local cuisine and pizzas and random titbits of other cuisines. Instead head somewhere that specialises in one dish, theres always a reason why they only serve one speciality and it will be awesome! This is particularly important for eating in Asia, I must add πŸ™‚

* bluelabelsboutique Best travel tip: pack a dress that doesn’t wrinkle! πŸ˜‰

* lifewellwandered This is such a cool idea! I always learn a few words or phrases in the language of the country I’m visiting, just in case πŸ™‚

* jackiecole_ Such an incredible view! I like to travel spontaneously and see where life takes meπŸ—Ί

* dolcedoestravel Ah this is a GORGEOUS shot and fantastic tip! I’m a planner but learned to leave lots of flexibility. Best adventures are the most unexpected for sure!

* menagerie_travel Flexibility is the key


  1. I love the talk to locals and baby wipes tips! I can see how they’d both add value to a trip! haha!

    • they’re brilliant right ?

    • Thank you hun ☺️

    • Thanks darling πŸ’•

  2. Your photos are AMAZING! The photos of the ocean remind me of the show big little lies – beautiful!
    and your tips are great! I’d add travel with a carry-on makes the airport journey so much easier. Also bring one pair of pants/shorts and match with many different tops! That’s my secret when I fly with a carry on! Put your socks and intimates in your shoe to save space πŸ™‚

    • I totally agree, less is always more πŸ’πŸ»

  3. I love the tip to “not be afraid of new things” the stuff you do, that is new to you is always the most memorable and fun!

    • I Agree,the most memorable moments are the ones you’ve done for the first time <3

  4. Amy Amy

    Hey, not sure if all of the pictures are loading for me? Are there meant to be pictures alongside the tips? Anyway, totally agree about a dress that doesn’t wrinkle (same goes for all the rest of your clothes tbh)!

    • Thanks , actually the pics are all listed in the bottom

  5. kelly kelly

    Your pictures are so awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Absolutely stunning pictures! I love the palm trees! Best tip: don’t be afraid of new things. Super simple but most people ignore that part.

    • Thanks a lot babe, I appreciate it 🎈❀️

  7. The ocean is beautiful! Los Angeles is a great city and I want to go back πŸ™‚

    • It is certainly one of my favorites too <3

    • thank you Casey <3 means a lot glad you enjoyed it πŸ˜€

  8. Great tips and great photos! I really like the way you got other people involved. I think the best tip was Flexibility! You never know what’s going to happen, so relax and roll with it.

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