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Travel Tip Tuesdays – Your Top 12

Woodstock, New York#AritaOnTheRoad

This post was the most fun to create, I asked YOU guys on my Instagram for your best travel tips 😀 and as promised I will treasure them and use them wisely.
Thank you everyone for taking the time and sharing your best tips with me 💙

Happy Travels

*mandyland86 I love waterfalls, so pretty! My best travel tip is on the saving for a trip: every time you want to buy something non-essential (like a coffee or eating out), match the amount you spent and move it to your savings account! Or don’t buy that non-essential item and save the amount instead. Little amounts add up quickly!

*vesaspring Wild tip : be spontaneous ! Sometimes the most spontaneous trips turn out to be the best,because you have no expectations and you’ll just enjoy what comes . It doesn’t have to be a long trip , it can be a weekend or a daytrip. Saving up for spontaneous trips is worthy !

*lindsey_millsy Always try to take a new mode of transportation! Bike, ATV, snowmobile, kayak…You name it. It’s thrilling to see things and places from a new and totally unfamiliar perspective.

*findyourhappyplate Hmm best travel tip, double check your visa status and flight time!!

*the_modman expect nothing and be open!

*thelifeofasolivagant Get an extra battery pack to charge your devices! Travel tip I need to start implementing myself lol

*ciaoecolifestyle  Savour the moment and be present ♡♡

*whentaniatalks So glad your travel tips were a huge success. I think mine (as someone who is disabled with chronic illnesses) would be to plan for every eventuality. Also a very good one for families! Xx

*tulumtraveler Have a good sense of humor when things don’t go as planned! 😝

* readyjessgo Don’t feel obligated to stick to a plan: sometimes the best travel experiences are a surprise 🙂
* mycreativeaddiction_ Incredible shot! Our best travel tip is always be open for change, you often have the best time when situations change 💙

*2bluepassports Best way to see a city is to walk it


    • awww thank you darling <3

  1. Seeing a place by bike, kayak, boat, ECT (as appropriate) is one of my favorite things.

    My travel tip: there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and you can recover from almost all of them. Worry only about the things that can go wrong that would result in serious injury, death, or prison.

    • I agree ,it is important to be cautious 😀

  2. I love this post! And the pics you have here are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. love these tips – i totally agree with taking public transport or walking being the best way to see a city! Let me know if you are ever in Dublin, Ireland!

    • totally will darling <3 hope to make it there one day<3

  4. What a fun idea to ask Instagram!

  5. Such great tips! My boyfriend and I travel to Asia at the end of the month and I’m so excited!

    • have fun guys aww thats awesome <3

    • Thank you so much meansca lot

  6. I definitely agree with Lindsey – love exploring the world on different modes of transportation like kayaks and ATVs. It’s exhilarating! Great tips!

    • Exactly I couldn’t agree more <3

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