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Weekend Getaway to Kaaterskill falls

Kaaterskill Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in New York, and one of the Eastern United States’ tallest waterfalls. Hiking to this masterpiece was a bit scary with 3ft of snow as a trail ,but we managed to make it up and boyyy was that view worth it !
We headed there on Friday night and slept in one of the prettiest Airbnbs to date We had a three course Norwegian breakfast (yes three) and the beautiful views of the Hudson making this an unforgettable stay.
Our host shared with us some great locations to visit and they certainly made for great view points and great photoshoot locations.

I’m gonna list below all the little towns and places we visited in this short time period, and now with the spring weather I bet is even more enjoyable.
Hope you can make your way up there soon, this was back in February when we had the snowstorm going on 😛

  • 1. Kaaterskill Falls, NY
    2. Olana State Historic Site,NY
    3. Rinebeck,NY
    4. Rosendale,NY
    5. Phoenica Diner,NY



  1. The pictures are amazing. Definitely would love to visit some of these places. Such a great mixture between outdoors and the town.

    • I’m happy you like them darling <3 thank you

    • happy you like them Kristin :d

  2. *jawdropped* Stunning waterfall and gorgeous photos! Although I’m glad winter is over, I can’t wait to check this out next winter 🙂

    Love your blog, following your travel adventures around the world now X

    • ah thanks love ,definitely happy that winter is finally over , though I would so recommend visiting the area in spring too 😀

    • thank you so much ,it really means a lot <3

  3. Liz Liz

    What beautiful pictures! I don’t live far from NY, I will have to make a weekend out of it and check out Kaaterskill falls. Looks like it is worth the visit.

    • omg Liz you definitely should it’s truly spectacular <3

  4. Such quality pictures! I love it. I’ve only been hiking in the snow once and it was miserable lol.

    • haha It was quite the challenge but I’m happy we made it to the top the view was all worth it 😀

  5. Thomas Thomas

    Stunning photos I like them a lot! 😀 I would like to visit places like that 😀

    • Thanks Thomas , I’m glad to hear you liked my post <3

  6. These pictures make me miss NY so much! I was married there and it is so beautiful!

    • aww that must have been quite the weeding <3 I would love to see pictures

  7. Mainak Mainak

    The Frozen waterfall looks amazing!! Great photos!!

    • thanks it was really amazing

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